I am a California kid. I was born, raised, and lived my whole life in the Great State of California. However, I have lived primarily in Fresno, Berkeley, and Northern LA county, but I consider myself partial to Northern California. This is because I spent five glorious years at The University of California, Berkeley. I love my Bears, and although on the football field I fell out of love with playing football, I finally had a team I could watch and love. I am a season ticket holder, even though I live in Southern California now. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, however I also took a great number of courses in Religious Studies.

After college I moved down to Pasadena and I began looking for a job, around Thanksgiving time I was just about to head in a different direction when a flurry of job offers came my way. I began working for H2W Technologies, Inc. in December of 2002 as a design engineer. It is a small linear motor and stage manufacturer, and it has allowed me to hone some skills as an engineer, as well as given me freedom to pursue my passions in parallel.

Beginning in September 2003, I began pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, and simultaneously started the ordination process in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). At this time I also began working with the youth at Hollywood Presbyterian. I worked with them for about six years and developed many great friendships and had front row seats to watching God’s transforming power among many of the city’s youth.

In November 2007, God’s blessing poured out all over me with the birth of my son. He is a wonderful joy and blessing, and I must remember to praise the name of the Lord for each minute I get to spend with him.

September 2009 marked the beginning of my ministry at Littlerock Community Presbyterian, which served as my internship to complete my M.Div. I am still involved in participating in the leadership in worship, and Christian Education. In August 2010, I took my ordination exams as I continue to move toward ordination.

I was blessed again with the birth of my daughter in February of this past year, watching her grow and begin to develop her strong personality, I am blown away by the fact that God is great, and the blessings poured out upon us our beyond measure.

So here I am. I love God, and I love God’s mission God in this world, therefore I look forward to see where God leads me…