Senior Bible Study Materials

The Lord Shepherds Us Through Darkness

The Twenty-Third Psalm Darkness, separation, isolation, despair, and hopelessness abound in this day and age. With pandemics, viruses, social distancing, selfishness, hoarding, and panic describing how much of the world is reacting to crisis, the church should be different, and offer a counter-narrative to the world. Hope, peace, charity, love, selflessness, joy, and faith need … Continue reading The Lord Shepherds Us Through Darkness

Simplify: Time

There is never enough time to do everything, or is there? Looking through our days we have time when at work, time at play, time spent with others, time alone, time eating, and time sleeping. However, every day has the same number of hours included. Well, almost every day in the places that still observe … Continue reading Simplify: Time

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