Is he still talking about sports?

I realize that much of the time, when I look for a sermon illustration, my default is usually in the world of sports. This is probably because most of my free time is spent following or watching some form of athletic endeavor. This isn’t understood by everyone, nor is it even remotely a universal experience. In fact I remember many times when I was younger my grandmother would ask me why I was always sitting watching basketball or football or SportsCenter, and I could only respond, “I like sports!”

However, there is a lot more to life than sports, and especially in a group of diverse interests, going to the sports well again and again is ill advised. In order to reach the largest number of people, a more accessible illustration is probably the better option.┬áIt’s not that I will never use “the sports”, but I know I will work hard to find an alternative connection point. I think that is what God requires of me. Teach the Word, and teach it in the most accessible manner possible!