Sometimes I fall short of ambitious goals I set for myself, but I realize that what causes people to read blogs is not always predictable, and I have to make a decision about what I would want to do to drive people to read the blog.

First, I know that content needs to be of high quality. However, this should be my drive in all things, as God calls us to be holy and perfect just as God is holy and perfect. I know I need to have something that is worth reading, and if it isn’t worth reading I shouldn’t post it.

Second, it needs to be relevant. I should also be relevant to the group that is reading the blog, as well as any group of people to which I am ministering.

Third, it needs to be consistent. This is something that I set out to be at the beginning, but have failed. In ministry though, we need to be consistent. Thus, even if I don’t spend the time putting together a detailed post, I know that I need consistent, quality, and relevant posts that will serve all readers of the blog.

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