This morning, like many mornings, I was listening to Colin Cowherd, and he had Bill Walton on his show to talk about his NBA observations. Walton is a former NBA champion, the father of Luke Walton, and apparently he is also the spokesperson for Yum! Foods World Hunger Relief Project. As he was answering the host’s questions he would correlate the leadership of NBA greats to the leadership it takes in all of us to help those who are hungry. He would answer a question about how well a team worked together, with a corresponding comment about how we all need to work together as a team to help combat hunger.

His invite to the show must have been understood by all of those involved as primarily a commercial for the World Hunger Relief Project because the host did not seem to be phased by borderline ridiculous nature of Walton’s responses. I believe our awareness needs to be raised about the hunger in the world, but it seemed a little like a joke to weave this message within Walton’s answers about the state of NBA.

However, if this tactic is effective, I support it, because it is important that we give hope to those lacking even the most basic provision, and I pray that this initiative is successful in the long run.

UPDATE: Apparently, Bill Walton has been doing this all over the place. Here is a link to another site that published their transcript of their interview with the legend.


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