Today was picture day. My son went in very dashing with his hair styled, thanks to mom. This is a moment that gets captured in time,  a moment that we can look back and see him forever just as he was a week before he turns three. It is a time of excitement, because it is another picture, which serves as a reminder that God is blessing my life. As I walk down the hall, this new picture will serve as an important reminder that God is good!

My earliest memory of picture day was sometime in elementary school, probably 3rd or 4th Grade, and I was simply excited to get the comb they handed out to everyone to make sure our hair was alright. Other than the comb, there wasn’t really any excitement behind the day. However, now as I look back at the pictures on my parents’ wall I am reminded that I am important, I am loved, and I come from somewhere. This is a reminder that God’s provision for me is not only in the immediate past and future, but I have a history that I can look back upon to see that God has loved me through my family.

Similarly, in the Old Testament, we hear of the building of altars. These were their pictures, reminders that God watched over them, helped them out, and/or saved them from trouble. They could go back and look at these sites and recall how God helped them out. No matter what, GOD loved them! God loves you too!

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