I spent the bulk of my afternoon watching my son fly through the air again and again on a small zip line. He absolutely loved doing this endlessly repetitive simple task all afternoon. While part of me wanted to say, “hey why don’t we go and do something else?” I instead held my tongue and marveled at his joy doing something that he had not previously done. My only regret is the fact that I didn’t join him and make a trip on the zip line. He actually appreciated the fact that he was “flying”, and he “experimented” with different ways he could speed up or slow down his flight on his repeat trips.


How many times do we find joy in the simple things? Shouldn’t we simply appreciate the ways we fly, even if it is repetitive, simple, or boring?

As Christ calls us to become like children, I am reminded that our children are often able to look at the world from such a fresh perspective, and I am encouraged to fly more often.

“Lord, guide me toward flight, and help me appreciate the things I often think are mundane and repetitive.” Amen

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