This week I returned from a long break, and I have spent the last two days playing catch up. Yesterday, I beat down a pile of paperwork that had been accumulating, and today was spent dealing with my computer that had to be “refreshed”. Ironically, this is what a vacation is supposed to do for us, but my computer had to wait for me to get back for the same refreshment. All that being said, I still find myself in the same predicament that I was in when I walked through the door this morning, a lot of catching up to do, because today I was stuck giving the device that is supposed to boost my productivity its much needed “refresh”. I felt like I was stuck, like the people in the ride shown in the picture above. This is what the endless cycle of technology does to us sometimes, it makes us dependent upon it and then makes us work twice as hard trying to fix the problems it causes.

Funny thing that happened though in the midst of the maddening frustration with my computer was that I actually was allowed to move away from the screen, and I was able to put pen to paper and work on solving problems with all that education with which I have been blessed. Computers can be amazing, and I am thankful when they save me and abundant amount of time, but sometimes I need to remember that I should not rely upon them as much as I do. That is what made me feel as if I was stuck. Whether or not our computers, or iPads, or smart phones are working, things still need to get done. I am thankful for the perspective that today has given me regarding my technology reliance.

I am also reminded that I should rely upon God more. God did create the people that designed and built the computers, but God cares about me more than the computer, and God has given me a mind to problem solve. Today, I am loved by God, and with God I am not STUCK. Don’t get stuck in front of your screen, look up and notice that God has created a beautiful world around you, and that the Almighty would have still created it even if it was only you to enjoy it all.

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