Not to disparage meteorologists, but the predictions this weekend were wrong, and affected my outdoor plans. First on Saturday in Berkeley the chances of rain were less than 10% before 5pm, after the game was going to be over, therefore a friend of mine decided to go with me because there was not going to be rain. However, the rain started just before halftime, and by the end of the third quarter I was soaked. Fortunately, Cal beat up on ASU, and was leading by 40 points in the fourth quarter, so we left the game early. (Although we left later than most.) Yesterday, the weather was supposed to be 70 and mostly sunny at the pumpkin patch, so I planned a trip to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, it was much cooler than that, and it started to rain as we left. (I am thankful that it didn’t start to rain sooner, but I was not personally ready for rain, even though I did make sure my son was dressed warm enough.)

All in all I had plans based on information delivered to me through a couple of weather outlets. I trusted them.

How often has the weather forecast been incorrect? Although, this isn’t completely because of the insufficiency of the knowledge of weather predictors, but the nature of weather. It is difficult to predict many times.

It reminds me of where I place my trust. Granted, my weekend plans are very small in comparison to many things in life, but I think it is relevant I placed more trust in a prediction that has a less than stellar record of accuracy, than I place in God with some decisions I make everyday.

This should never be the case, but as I think about the things that I do in preparation of making a decision, I realize that my relationship with God is not always a major determining factor in doing something. Sometimes I feel as if the thing is below prayer, but sometimes I trust in my intellect, and still other times I trust in nothing more than a feeling.

Not that I am advocating for falling down on your knees for every decision, from deciding what you are going to eat for breakfast, to what career you are going to pursue, but I do advocate for each of us to ask how the Almighty Creator of the universe would feel about our decision, and the process we use to make the decision.

Ultimately, God is in control of the weather, not the weather people making predictions, thus God is much more worthy of my trust. Thus in life, God cares about all of my life and all of my decisions. Therefore, I should go to this personal God, and trust that I will not be led astray.

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