With the NBA season tipping off today, I figured basketball would be a good topic. Each season starts with a some interesting questions, because each new season there are player and coaching changes, and each year starts with a number of teams vying for the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, each with new hopes and dreams. Is this the year?

So too we enter this day, a new day, a day where we can go out and be the best. We can go out and strive after holiness; we can strive to serve and love in all we do. We don’t need a new season to start over, but each day is an opportunity to live the best life you can live. The hope should always be there for living for the glory of God.

There is a sign in the Notre Dame football locker room that each player is supposed to touch as they go out onto the field that reminds them to play like champions. The team’s record is of no consequence, because each time they go out on the field they are reminded that they go out and represent Notre Dame. Similarly, we need to remember that we represent our Creator with how we live our lives.

Each day we need to remember that we are God’s beloved; be a champion for God’s love today!

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