In case you haven’t seen the latest Nike commercial, I have embedded it below.

LeBron James asks, “What should I do?”

In case you were in a cave, or just didn’t care, this past summer LeBron James, arguably the best player in the NBA, decided to leave Cleveland as a free agent, the team he played with for the first seven years of his professional career. This caused an uproar among people in Cleveland, and  an especially nasty public letter from the owner of his old team.

He ended up joining forces with another superstar, Dwayne Wade, and an All-Star, Chris Bosh, by joining the Miami Heat. One commentator affectionately referred to this team as “Super Team”, because these three were the three best free agent players available. Any team would have been pleased to land one of the three, but Miami got all three.

But the third strike against James in the eye of the public, was that he and ESPN got together and put together a show called, “The Decision.” (This is what he is spoofing at the beginning of the commercial.) Here he announced his decision to leave and join the SUPER TEAM. This was also when the former team found out that they were losing their best player and any hope of competing for a championship.

These three strikes and Mr. James was out.

After the summer of criticism, LeBron lashes out at those who criticized his decision and the way he presented his decision through his commercial. (Nike probably knew this was going to be a lightning rod, and probably also forcefully pushed LeBron in this direction.)

Sure there were definitely things that could have been done differently, but ultimately all he, or any of us, can do is live our lives to the greatest potential. We will have to live with the fallout from our decisions, but we cannot control how people are going to perceive or act around us. We only control our own actions.

What should I do? Live life trying to bring God the glory in all things. As for LeBron, I would suggest the same.

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