With the instant access to news, you hear more about the violence in our world with great regularity, but this week it has been particularly frightening because the violence has been in and around area schools. Three shootings, and three different circumstances, but sadly the consequence was that in each instance people were shot. This saddens me deeply, and I call on each of us to add these schools and those directly affected by the shootings to our prayers.

At the same time I wonder what causes people to turn to such extreme levels of violence. A lot of this happens in the midst of fear and a lack of control. This is not to remove the personal accountability, but we should also understand that life’s circumstances force people to make some very hard choices. I am thankful that I have been blessed and not pushed to that edge, but I know that we must get together and fight the power of darkness that pulls and tugs at so many young people.

The natural response to this violence is fear and  the feeling that somebody has to pay for what has been done, because somehow this will make us safer, and thus alleviate our fears. But I really am just brought to tears for the fact that people die everyday because of acts of violence, not only in our community, but throughout the world. When is our outrage going to get us off of our collective backside, and move us toward working against the violence that plagues our world.

I want to respond with an active call for peace, a call to respond with love.

How are you and I going to be active in pursuit of peace?

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