I just got home from a 14.3 mile run. This is the beginning of the ramp up in training as I prepare for running in the LA Marathon. This will be my first marathon, although I did run a half-marathon in Las Vegas in early December.

I enjoy running, although I haven’t been a big runner until recently, when I felt that I needed to push myself to accomplishing something athletically as I was entering my thirties. Then came running. I remember watching my sister complete her first marathon, and when the announcer kept yelling out the percentage of people who have completed a marathon, it really put the tic into my head that I may want to do something like that.

It may be a good thing that sometimes our motivation drives us to be greater, or better than we are, but with the power of the Holy Spirit we are driven to be more like Christ. Now I know that Jesus probably was never a competitive runner, but we were created to enjoy our bodies. Therefore, I seek to make my running a worship experience. I pray that I show this outwardly, and that the Kingdom of God is blessed through the joy of the Holy Spirit found in me when I run.

What things do you do that can be transformed when you think of them from the context of a worship experience?

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