John Ireland is a Laker homer, and was confident that the Lakers would win against Cleveland. Thus he claimed, “I would quit my job and walk home from Cleveland if they lost that game.” He didn’t quit, nor did he walk home, but he didn’t let himself get away with making such a remark.  He made a statement that accentuated his confidence in the Lakers, albeit stupid (considering how bad the Lakers have looked), but he didn’t want to let himself off the hook. (Although I also think that his radio show partner would never let him off easily.)

Our words mean something, and John Ireland has pledged to walk in the Autism Speaks walk at the Rose Bowl on 4/23, and to try and raise money to fight Autism.

Way to go John.

He certainly has made lemonade out of this lemon of a statement, click the link to read the article below about how he is participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks,

John Irelands Long Walk After Lakers Lose to Cleveland – Buckley Blog – KTLA.COM.

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